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MGT Solar (PTY) Ltd is an Alternative Energy Supply company that is implementing the ultimate in green sustainable energy technology to overcome feasibility challenges and ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability. Due to the high demand for electricity supply in especially Africa, and the biggest obstacles in creating feasible and sustainable green energy solutions we needed to combine state of the art solar energy technology, revolutionary storage technology, and a dynamic funding model to ensure minimum turnaround time and exponential profitability. We have entered into various strategic partnerships with key individuals in the renewable energy industry and contracted one of the leading EPC(engineering, procurement, and construction) and technical teams in Africa to ensure our 8 x 10mwa plants that will be constructed in southern Africa within the next 60 months will change the landscape and set the bar for all future energy projects on our continent.
Megatech Token (MGT) was developed in 2020 and will be utilizing certifiably the best and most advanced Blockchain on the planet as an (APL–Token). Megatech (MGT) is registered as a security token and will revolutionize ICO/STO and crypto investments. Megatech (MGT) will be offering shares and annual dividends to Token Holders. These shares and dividends will be audited by external auditors and managed by an external escrow service firm of Attorneys.
The (MGT) token will be backed by the actual company that owns the solar farms and the token holders will own part of the Equity and Decisions Made during the regular course of business. Megatech (MGT) will utilize the best social and crypto platforms integrated with a solid business model and backed by actual collateral and physical value.