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MechCraft World Promo

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  • Payout 2022-04-15

MechCraft is a game that combines tower defense, card combinations, equipment, and upgrades. Players can build defenses to block the enemy's attack to achieve the final victory. In the game, players will use "heroes" with cards with 5 different attributes to form a random team, and different teams can be formed through different combinations, and of course, there will be different team attack capabilities.

MechCraft World is giving away a total of 22 NFTs during their 2022 Metaverse Journey Promo!
22 winners will be selected by random draw. Collect entries to increase your chances of winning.

22 NFTAllocated Token
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Yazbest91Yazbest91 Where Can i get secret code ?
10 Jan, 2022, 05:19
VahidshahbaziVahidshahbazi I'm so glad to meet your AirDrop
04 Jan, 2022, 18:47