Mazuri stands as an impressive GameFi endeavor, offering an entire universe of gaming accompanied by NFTs. The game boasts an array of thrilling experiences, including single-player, team, and ranked battles, all allowing players to earn valuable in-game MZR tokens while competing for the grand prize of $1 million and the prestigious Mazuri champion belt.

Within this captivating virtual world, players can strengthen their characters, acquire in-game items, and trade them for lucrative in-game tokens, enabling them to make substantial profits.

The project has garnered substantial attention on social media, attracting over 15.000 avid followers, including renowned UFC fighters and influential personalities. As anticipation around the project continues to escalate, more of these esteemed partners will be unveiled in due course.

Among the project's esteemed partners are top UFC fighters, such as Junior Dos Santos, Andrei Orlovsky, Dmitry Kudryashov, Rafael Fiziev, Kuat Khamitov, Alexander Shabliy. Additionally, an eagerly awaited announcement is on the horizon for Mazuri's TOP Ambassador – none other than the UFC Heavyweight champion. These revered fighters serve as the very inspiration for characters featured in the game, providing players with an exceptional opportunity to step into the shoes of their favorite UFC stars and earn valuable MZR tokens through gameplay.