The platform will allow participants to earn a high, consistent, and sustainable interest rate by staking their MAXX tokens. The interest paid to stakers varies based on the amount staked, duration, and any bonuses used when creating the stake. This allows for larger returns anywhere between 18-80% APY plus additional dividends from the MAXX Vault. Once a stake is created, its APY is locked in for the duration, and will not fluctuate. The returns are guaranteed, unlike most other projects.

There are already a few similar projects out there, but each has suffered from flaws or manipulation. Be it with the smart contract code, how they launched, initial distribution, or launching with too little liquidity and having an instant whale problem. They have spent the last two years following and studying these tokens to learn from their mistakes. Their team has finally managed to eliminate all of these flaws and is ready to launch a truly unique platform.

The project is to be launched on the Polygon Network in the coming months. The MAXX token can interact with smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain. They are hoping to also expand to other Layer 1 and 2 networks in the future.

MAXX takes inspiration from similar staking tokens such as HEX, WISE, AXION, and others. Their goal is to add as much innovation as possible to make an improved and more efficient staking contract.

Airdrops by MAXX Finance