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YFIMX is building a futuristic fintech platform. YFIMX will give a simple User experience to their daily users to grow their wealth through our highly sophisticated AI platform.

MAXCoin airdrops 3.500 YFIMX token (~$70,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral program where you can earn additional YFIMX.
(for mandatory tasks)

3,50 YFIMXToken
10,00 YFIMXReferral
Ethereum Blockchain

Step by step guide

Chat with the MAXCoin's Telegram Bot
Join MAXCoin's Telegram Group (mandatory)
Follow MAXCoin's Twitter Page, retweet the pinned tweet and tag 5 of your friends. (mandatory)
Tweet the mentioned tweet. (mandatory)
Optional Telegram invite task offers another 1000 YFIMX
Optional Selfie task offers another 1500 YFIMX
Optional Youtube task offers another 2000 YFIMX
Submit your details to the Bot.
Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)
OleksandrOleksandr Hello, how to add my ETH bot address and how to complete 9 points (what exactly and how to send my bot data)? thanks
24 Oct, 2020, 15:02
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]

The Telegram bot should guide you through all tasks after clicking on "Submit My Details".
If you're unsure how to participate, please check our blog post "How to do airdrops?"

kentro82kentro82 Çekim nas?l olacak
24 Oct, 2020, 01:26
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]

2021 Mart sonu resmi Telegram grubunda seçildi.