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The economic revolution of crowdfunding has put a lot more fundraising tools at the fingertips of companies, organizations, and individuals. Now, with the adoption of blockchain technology, there is a new opportunity using cryptocurrency and the principles of crowdfunding.
That being said, creating, deploying and managing ICOs or STOs is complicated, hard and associated with many regulatory burdens. This is where MarketPeak comes in! We are creating a decentralized network of buyers and investors who have access to audited and pre-vetted projects with advantageous conditions.
MarketPeak is a full-featured ecosystem with a strong focus on user experience, token economics investment and marketing solutions.The end result is a user-centric platform that gives members access to lucrative crypto projects or products that are not accessible to the general public. Investors benefit from being exposed to Tokenized projects under preferential conditions and at competitive rates.
As part of the long-term vision for MarketPeak we plan to position it as the first "private" and decentralized network of crypto investors. The growth of the community is to be supported via rewards as a vehicle. This will permit members to generate additional revenue by recommending "MarketPeak", essentially creating a global community both members and crypto companies benefit from.
In addition, MarketPeak will develop further business areas independent of the crypto market over time.

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