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  • Total Supply7.951.660.000
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  • 24h Volume $155.838
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$ 0,0051

Lumishare goes beyond the average cryptocurrencies flooding the market by providing a unique financial system that combines the ancient store of value with modern cryptography. It combines the best aspects of both worlds - the security of digital currencies combined with the intrinsic value of gold to create a new form of money. This provides a solution to many problems facing the current monetary system today.
Lumishare is a unique ecosystem leveraging the philosophy of the U.S. economy as it existed until 1971 to ensure long-term value and growth.

Lumishare solves inflation. Gold is not subject to inflation because it is scarce and valuable. Lumishare's gold reserve ensures that there is always enough gold available to back our token's floor price.
They can't "print" money, Lumishare SRG Tokens' total supply will never change. Not all cryptocurrencies have a predetermined fixed supply, and one of them is Ethereum.

LumiShare is building a financial ecosystem of tokenized real assets and digital transactions around a community of consumers, investors, and businesses using the world’s first Trust token. LumiShare has created a new blockchain-based disruptive platform with full transparency to tokenize and fractionalize real-world assets via their unique asset-backed NFT marketplace.

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