Liquid Bit (L-BIT)

Liquid Bit is a scarce and privacy focused digital asset living natively on the Liquid Network. Liquid Bits a.k.a. "drips" can be fully settled hassle free within only two minutes. Transactions are confidential which means that the amounts are hidden from all third parties. This information is only known by the sender and the receiver involved in the transaction.

  • PlatformOTHER
  • Total Supply102.400.000.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
0.00000000 BTC
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Liquid Bit

  • Active
  • 24 days left

The Liquid Bit airdrop is the very first stage of the fair distribution scheme of the total L-BIT supply.

Anybody can join to get some free Liquid Bits. The maximum amount that will be distributed during the airdrop is 400 million L-BIT units.

Each participant can receive 10.000 L-BIT just by providing it's Liquid address, but there is an opportunity to claim an additional 15.000 L-BIT by completing simple tasks, like sharing the website link on social media networks.

25.000 L-BITToken
- Referral

Step by step guide

Create a new Liquid wallet with the official and open source Green Wallet application, which is available for iOS, Android, F-Droid and Desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux).
Read the Airdrop page and submit the registration form (+10.000 L-BIT)
Complete additional tasks for more rewards (+15.000 L-BIT)
Registrations will be processed in chronological order and the rewards will be distributed within 24-36 hours while the reserved airdrop amount lasts.
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opher49 good
03 Jul, 2020, 06:40
Natanael107 I´ve already my LBiT coins in my wallet!
14 Jun, 2020, 22:28