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Lingo Promo

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Lingo is a Web3 loyalty program utilizing blockchain technology, and real-world assets to disrupt the traditional loyalty program model. Lingo allows users to earn real-world rewards (such as hotel stays) passively by staking its first-ever community reward token, without needing active participation or repetitive purchases, unlike existing loyalty programs. The value creation system is powered by real-world assets, ensuring stability for the entire project.

Started by a founder of the world’s number one premium loyalty company ($150M exit), Lingo aims to transform the $200 billion loyalty program industry with a community-first approach and make Web3 space accessible to the everyday consumer with real value, real experiences, and an easy to understand model.

Lingo is giving away a total amount of 999.000 LINGO tokens during their airdrop promo.

999 lucky winners will receive 1.000 LINGO tokens each

999.000 LINGOAllocated Token


Lingo (LINGO) Update05 Jan, 2024

Step by step guide

Visit Lingo's Airdrop Page and register with your details
Visit the Lingo website
Follow Lingo's X Page, like and quote the mentioned posts
Join Lingo's Discord Channel and complete the verification process to get the member role
Submit your details to the airdrop page



Lingo (LINGO) Update05 Jan, 2024
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Mahdi3333321Mahdi3333321 <p>Hi, Lingo is the best!</p>
30 Dec, 2023, 06:24
behnazansari744144behnazansari744144 <p>Hi, can you help me participate in the airdrop, please?</p>
RichieRichie [Admin]How can we help you, what do you need help with?