Lingo Airdrop

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Lingo is a Web3 loyalty program utilizing blockchain technology, and real-world assets to disrupt the traditional loyalty program model. Lingo allows users to earn real-world rewards (such as hotel stays) passively by staking its first-ever community reward token, without needing active participation or repetitive purchases, unlike existing loyalty programs. The value creation system is powered by real-world assets, ensuring stability for the entire project.

Started by a founder of the world’s number one premium loyalty company ($150M exit), Lingo aims to transform the $200 billion loyalty program industry with a community-first approach and make Web3 space accessible to the everyday consumer with real value, real experiences, and an easy to understand model.


20.000.000 LINGOAllocated Token
YesReferral System

Step by step guide

Visit Lingo's Airdrop Page and click on “Fly To Airdrop Islands”.
Connect your X Account and verify your e-mail to claim your boarding pass.
Copy your referral link and invite at least 10 friends to upgrade to business class.
Farm Airmiles (Like, tweet, comment Lingo on X) to spin the wheel and win a LINGO collector card.
Collect all 6 LINGO collector cards to unlock the super rare Mythical Card!
40% of the airdrop pool is reserved for Mythical Card holders.


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