The Letit project, an AI-powered trading ecosystem, presents fresh investment opportunities. Unlike many other projects that rely on promises during investment rounds, Letit is already fully operational. They are now preparing for a new public token sale round.

The Letit project has achieved significant milestones, including operating the trading terminal for five months. In September 2022, they relocated the project to Dubai. Additionally, Letit successfully went through a rigorous selection process in in5, which is a leading business accelerator in the UAE. They have also established partnership agreements with the Bitget exchange and the TradingView platform.

In January 2023, Letit launched a unique coaching program with exclusive benefits for users, attracting over 120 participants. Furthermore, Microsoft provided $150.000 in funding to support the project in February 2023.

The Letit Token serves as both a utility token for the project and an investment asset. It grants privileged access to the AI-powered ecosystem's community and services.

Airdrops by Letit