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This genre is known as “play-to-earn,” and Legends of Aria will deploy a sustainable economic system where real-world value is applied across our virtual items and commodities. This economic model is inspired by the system in Axie Infinity, a pioneer in crypto-gaming and the world’s most popular play-to-earn game.

In this economy, the Legends of Aria token (or ARIA token) will operate as the governance and main utility token of the game. And the gold coins, which can be earned in the game, will be converted into a cryptocurrency that players can swap for real money. In addition, we plan to establish a thriving scholar-manager system with our own native NFT Lending Platform, which will help drive mass adoption of the game and the tokens.

Aside from earning gold coins, players can monetize their time by collecting items in the game (like rare weapons and armor), and then selling those items on our upcoming NFT marketplace. This marketplace will take a 5% fee from every transaction, half of which will go towards the game’s treasury that will be used to help support the in-game economy.

Due to our existing investment in stable server technologies and our massive head-start over other play-to-earn MMOs, Legends of Aria has the potential to be the first mainstream blockchain MMORPG on the market. And we envision that, with continued development, we can make Legends of Aria into one of the most successful play-to-earn games in the world.

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