LEAP believes that the popularity of “fantasy” sports leagues in the last few decades has confirmed that individuals enjoy analyzing, competing, discovering, and living and breathing sports. By providing a platform that allows for all of this, as well as a ranking system that encourages users to continuously improve, LEAP has inherent characteristics which will keep the user always coming back for more. They are at the dawn of a new era in the digital world. Blockchain technologies, and all that they enable, will soon make profound and significant impacts across all industries – technology or otherwise.

LEAP is on a mission to change how athletes interact with fans, how players interact with each other, and how talents from all over the globe get discovered. The advantages, accessibility, and democratization that these technologies offer are so powerful, that they will one day wonder how there was once a time when these capabilities did not exist. Entire new business models leveraging these technologies will soon be built. These models will not only introduce new economies which do not exist today, but also provide the foundation for all sporting talents to strengthen their chance of being discovered, monetize their talents as they develop, and make a living by doing the things they love to do.
Grasping the significance of this moment in tech history, the founders of LEAP came together to launch a product that will capitalize on these new and exciting opportunities which lie ahead.

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