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The Kounotori team has an extensive vision for the Kounotori brand, with their first step being the development of their very own CEX. By combining the security of centralisation and the significant returns that De-Fi has to offer, they will develop a CEX that is truly unique, competitive, and most importantly, able to provide consistent staking returns. Once established, they plan to implement a slew of exciting features including, but not limited to, NFT staking, Kounotori payment cards, and the NEST Council (NC). The NC will be able to vote on which De-Fi projects they list, from a pool of applicants looking to provide a centralized, gas-free option for their holders. In order to be considered for listing, prospective projects will need to pass a thorough security evaluation.

Kounotori pride itself on our honesty, transparency, and goal of providing a secure, legitimate project for our holders. They put our community first and as such, will strive to contradict the stereotype that CEXs are all corporate entities that prioritize profits over people. They have been consistently involved with our community since Kounotori’s inception and shall continue in this manner as they become the first CEX that can say it is truly, community-driven.

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