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Koinpark Airdrop

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Koinpark specializes in offering financial services powered by cryptocurrency technologies. As a global cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, they facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, USDT, BNB, and TRX, among others.

Addressing myriad challenges encountered by the Indian cryptocurrency community, Koinpark provides innovative solutions in the realms of cryptocurrency investing, trading, and education.

Koinpark is airdropping 100.000 SHIB tokens to new users. On top, you can earn 25.000 SHIB tokens for each referral.
Additionally, you can join the “Koinpark Mega Airdrop Campaign” and get a reward between $0.1 and $30.000 worth of various tokens.

100.000 SHIBToken
25.000 SHIBReferral

Step by step guide

Register on Koinpark's Website and click on the promo banner to receive 100.000 SHIB tokens
Join the Koinpark Mega Airdrop Campaign
Come back later (2023-10-27 18:00:00) to claim your reward
Also, check out the Mystery Boxes and get a reward of $0.1 and $10 worth of various tokens
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