• BlockchainBSC
  • CMC Rank#1297
  • Total Supply30.790.000
  • Circ. Supply14.070.000
  • Market Cap$14.857.920
  • 24h Volume $1.126
JMPT Price
$ 0,0249

JumpTask will provide potential cryptocurrency users with beginner-friendly educational content and address their security concerns by introducing a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies through completing gigs, or microtasks, that require little to no time or specialized skills. Equipped with additional income in JumpTokens, they will be able to discover the world of cryptocurrencies firsthand and spend, save, or invest their profits as they please.

The tasks introduced in JumpTask will be divided into four initial categories – Attention (e.g., watching ads), Action (e.g., transcribing speech to text), Data (e.g., offering their web usage data), and Other (TBA). None of them will require the user to possess any specific knowledge, skill, or massive time resources. This makes the opportunity to earn JumpTokens (JMPT) as accessible to everyone as possible, as opposed to limiting it to any particular user segment.

JMPT itself is a utility token fueling the team's effort to decentralize the gig economy and make the crypto market more approachable. During the token creation, a fixed supply of 100,000,000 JumpTokens (JMPT) will be issued and divided into five main sections based on the project's primary needs: Product and Partnerships (50%), Team (20%), Research and Development (16%), Marketing (12%), and Liquidity pool (2%). There are currently no plans to release, mine, or burn any number of tokens in the future.

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