The Intelly Platform is the way to access real estate profitability with innovative investment options.

Real Estate Developments
Intelly will list development projects for investing on the Intelly platform. Investors will be able to invest in listed projects by using the INTL Token to invest in development. Development projects' profit will be paid out USD Stable coin currency.
The Intelly Exchange
By fractionalizing assets with their F-NFT Technology and listing them on the Intelly Exchange, they are creating a liquid real estate market.
The Intelly Wealth Fund
The wealth fund has been established for INTL investors who don't want to settle on a specific investment. The fund has a large spectrum of investments across the real estate industry. It can pay out profit based on the median return of real estate globally.
The Intelly Reserve
The reserve is the liquidity provider for the Intelly Exchange and is the security for investors in possible loss scenarios.