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BTC $5.305,17 0.49% ETH $173,71 0.72% EOS $5,48 0.08% XLM $0,11586 -0.52% NEO $11,12 -0.42% WAVES $2,68 -0.45%
Each Mesh firmware node could combine with the light node of the blockchain. The underlying environment of IntelliShare is composed of intelligent Mesh network, which adopts the self-developed Mesh protocol. It is the underlying environment for IntelliShare which is self-connected, self-repaired, self-expandable, self-routed, self-balancing, and etc.
Total Supply:986.000.000
Circ. Supply:0

CMC Rank:#1851
Price:$0.0216156331 (0.00000409 BTC)
-6.78% (24h) -12.52% (7d)

Value $0,47 Plattform 20 INE Referral 20 INE Proof 100% REAL!

ACTIVE EASY 9 days left

Intellishare airdrops 20 INE tokens (~$0,47) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register on Intellishare's Website
  2. Verfiy your E-Mail.
  3. Click on "Join Now" and provide your Wallet Address
  4. Join Intellishare's Telegram Channel
  5. Write their Telegram Admin @inekj and confirm your registration, therefor write her your registered e-mail adress and phone number.
  6. You need to do KYC to withdraw your Tokens.
  7. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group (optional)
  8. Follow AirdropBob's Twitter Channel (optional)

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