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Incentive DAO Promo

  • Paid out
  • Payout 2023-05-03

The Incentive DAO project is a survey protocol that provides companies with an ecosystem to design surveys and collect opinions while incentivizing user participation. By leveraging the decentralized, transparent, and immutable features of the protocol, valuable insights can be generated for decision-making.

Incentive DAO is giving away a total of 500.000 INC tokens during their airdrop promo.

500 random winners will receive 1.000 INC tokens each

500.000 INCAllocated Token

Step by step guide

Visit Incentive DAO's Airdrop Page and register with your details
Follow Incentive DAO's X Page and retweet the mentioned tweet
Sign up on the Incentive survey page to receive your coupon
Coupons will be distributed on the 25th April 2023
Participate in the Incentive Crypto Scams survey and receive 100 INC tokens
No coupon is needed for this survey
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