• BlockchainSOLANA
  • Total Supply100.000.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
HOLY Price
0.00000000 BTC

HolyGrails will give back 100% of the wealth it creates to the people! Everybody can join this community.

They are keeping things simple and straightforward. They distribute 100% of the revenues that are generated to the community. Furthermore, you earn HOLY tokens on every trade you make (Buy/Sell). Decentralized wealth in the purest form in history. All of the trading rewards in SOL are going back to all HOLY token stakers of the platform. The Platform allows everybody to stake their HOLY tokens to receive in return HOLY tokens and SOL volume trading rewards.

The main purpose of the HOLY token is to ensure revenue distribution for the community. Secondly, in the future, the HOLY tokens will also be used for voting on strategic initiatives and directions that need to be decided. The strong community of HolyGrails will be actively invited to advise to make the platform even more befitting for them. There will be implementations that will help avoid massive concentrations of tokens and fend off possible hijack attacks on the platform to keep it decentralized.

Airdrops by HolyGrails