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BTC $3.751,35 2.82% ETH $138,03 10.4% EOS $2,94 3.46% XLM $0,08060 2.65% NEO $8,45 -1.87% WAVES $2,66 1.25%
High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a new approach to solving one of the most critical problems facing all blockchains today: scaling. Low transaction speeds and excessive latency plague blockchain networks around the world, preventing widespread practical adoption by businesses and consumers.
Live Token Data
Total Supply:101.050.954
Circ. Supply:43.550.953

CMC Rank:#297
Price:$0.165488507 (0.00004414 BTC)
4.71% (24h) 2.64% (7d)
× High Performance Blockchain has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $85.367,12 Token 100000 HPB Payout 2018-10-25 Proof 100% REAL!


High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is doing an airdrop worth of 100.000 tokens to celebrate their listing on OKEx and their ongoing Node Application. 


  • Register on their Website
  • Connect your Twitter Account and do tasks to earn Points (max 110 points)
  • Connect your Telegram Account and do tasks to earn Points  (max 95 points)
  • Other Rewards
    • Write Medium artciles for HPB (500 words) - 200 points
    • Make YouTube Videos for HPB  (1 min) - 100 points
    • Subcribe to HPB Reddit Channel - 10 points
    • Write Reddit articles for HPB (50 words) - 25 points
  • Deep Level Refer System.