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BTC $7.236,96 -5.65% ETH $149,73 -7.79% EOS $2,62 -7.54% NEO $9,62 -13.25%
HERO radically changes todays centralized way of online betting. The token and its smart contract allow decentralized peer-to-peer online betting in any field. HEROcoin (an ERC20 token) is designed so that any provider can integrate the token on their platform and any participant can create its own (closed) contests. All transactions are transparent and the smart contract automatically performs actions such as pay-outs to guarantee a trustless ecosystem. Breaking the traditional “the house always wins” paradigm. With HERO the community always wins.
CMC Rank:#1139

Total Supply:252.165.029
Circ. Supply:186.622.200

Market Cap:$336.349
24h Volume:$377

-6.17% (24h) ● -27.66% (7d)
× HEROcoin has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $1,83 Token 1000 PLAY Referral 2000 PLAY Proof 100% REAL!


HEROcoin airdrops 1000 PLAY tokens (~$1,83) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral programm where you can earn additional PLAY for each user you refer. HEROcoin is listed on CoinMarketCap and is ranked on #1138, based on their current market capitalisation.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register on HEROcoin's Website
  2. Get your free voucher after registration of 1.000 PLAY tokens.
    Go to games , choose a contest (buyin must be 1.000 PLAY), click buyin, win & enjoy :)
  3. In order to withdraw your funds, you have to do KYC.
  4. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)
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    23 Nov, 2019, 02:59

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