• BlockchainBSC
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HARE Price
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Founded in June 2021, HARE aims to be a decentralized meme project with a real purpose.
A core aim of HARE is to make popular cryptocurrency concepts more accessible to the public. With HARE holders get to experience next-gen developments like frictionless yield, NFTs, and decentralized exchanges.

HARE's list of products includes:
- HARE Token
HARE features a 10% Culture Contribution Tax (CCT), 5% redistribution to holders, as a result of which existing holders automatically earn HARE during each transaction. The other 5% will go back to the Liquidity Pool (LP).

- HARE Swap (In Progress)
This decentralized exchange allows holders to trade any BET20 token for another, and it offers custom functionality.

- HARE Teaparty (In Progress)
HARE also feature artists from community contests who earn staking fees from NFT Marketplace, which allows users to stake HARE to earn NFSs.

- Train of Wonders (In Progress)
A Wallet Tracker that enables Holders to track their earnings from HARE, as well as their wallet balance and token prices.

- Hare in Wonderland (In Progress)
HARE holders can make use of the merchandise store to promote HARE in real life. All proceeds from the store will support HARE's growth.

Airdrops by Hare Token