The Hackless platform is being designed to bolster the security of DeFi protocols by offering a comprehensive package of monitoring tools, analytics, and security services. Hackless offers a complex and reliable toolkit that helps boost a DeFi protocol’s security from hacks and malicious attacks. The platform’s services are aimed at helping developers both to detect a potential hack attack and save funds in case a protocol is attacked.

The platform combines security features to provide DeFi protocols with multi-sided protection. A DeFi protocol will greatly benefit from extensive ongoing monitoring features with dynamic analysis of transactions, mempool tracking, transactions, and funds flow analysis models, tools for safe funds migrations, and an alert system, among other features.

Hackless works at the infrastructure level of EVM-compatible blockchains and unites several elements from the blockchain ecosystem in order to strengthen the smart contracts security from the lowest levels of the blockchain ecosystem.

Airdrops by Hackless