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Greelance presents a decentralized talent platform that offers a more efficient alternative to current high-tax marketplaces. Governed by its users, this network operates on a self-sustaining circular economy.

Its native ERC20-based Greelance token serves as a utility, facilitating interactions and rewards within the ecosystem. While the token is the primary payment method, users can also transact with fiat or stablecoins.

Greelance is airdropping 130 GRL tokens to 1.000 lucky participants.
Additionally, the top 200 referrers will receive between 250 and 1.000 GRL tokens.

130 GRLToken
1.000 GRLReferral

Step by step guide

Follow Greelance's X Page and repost the pinned post
Submit your details to the Bot
Join the additional $100k giveaway and complete the listed tasks (optional)
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stonebig12stonebig12 Cool, I wish you all good luck
02 Nov, 2023, 12:46