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BTC $3.940,13 5.16% ETH $148,80 7.98% EOS $3,63 23.46% XLM $0,08567 6.2% NEO $8,95 5.96% WAVES $2,82 6.48%
GoRecruit is an artificial intelligence (AI) system for helping small enterprise executives and employees of personnel services to make HR decisions. The system analyzes data from social media and publicly available sources and uses a blockchain-based architecture for data storage.
Total Supply:8.275.642
ICO Price:3 USD

Value $3,00 Token 1 GRT Referral 0.2 GRT Payout 2019-02-28 Proof 75%

ACTIVE EASY Limited 10.000 User

GoRecruite is airdropping 1 GRT token.

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