This project provides several features for crypto developers to build their own smart contracts by drag and drop tools, without any coding skills. Gitshock Finance‘s services will allow users to build their own projects fast without manual coding tasks. The main services we offer will be Gitshock Edgeware, Gitshock Bridge, and Gitshock Wallet. Those services will demand developers/users to use their tokens (GTFX) as the fees.

Gitshock Edgeware is built on Cosmos Web assembly (WASM) and other different networks i.e. Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, etc. This means Gitshock main coins will be built using Stellar Port Cosmos SDK. In addition, there is a private blockchain builder service to allow enterprises to build their own private blockchain and web services to support a new project’s profile with a custom domain, webserver, and hosting for a limited time.

Airdrops by Gitshock Finance