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BTC $8.800,59 -1.88% ETH $186,58 -1.35% EOS $3,49 -1.86% NEO $11,31 3.77%

GameX (GX) is a gaming-themed crypto-currency (token) that’s built on Waves blockchain. It consists of three main projects that is planned to be the main usage areas of generated GX tokens. These are GX Marketplace, GX In-die Club and GX GPU Mining Hub.

GX Marketplace​ is a decentralized platform to trade in-game items, key codes, game cards and other virtual commodities with using GX tokens. While it’s decentralized on idea, the main safety of the token transfer is controlled by directly GameX with an escrow system.

GX In-Die Club​ is a crowdfunding platform for individual developers and gaming community to participate with using GX tokens. Main goal of this project is to help indie developers to get some funding to back their project and chase their dreams with ease of mind. 

GX GPU Mining Hub​ is a mining-themed side project for GameX that is directly connected to financial status of GameX to get started. 

Total Supply:

Token 20 GX Referral 1 GX Proof 100% REAL!


GameX is airdropping 20 GX tokens for signup and login. 

All you have to do is click on this link and sign up. 

After you have verified your E-Mail and login into your account you'll get 20 GX tokens. 

There is a minimum of 250GX tokens needed to withdrawl your tokens. You'll get 10 GX tokens for daily login. You can earn extra tokens for unlocking achievements.

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