FreeDogecoin (DOGE)
  • BlockchainOTHER
  • Coingecko Rank#10
  • Total Supply144.36 billion
  • Circ. Supply144.36 billion
  • Market Cap$21.589.764.994
  • 24h Volume $672.019.000
DOGE Price
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    Dogecoin Lottery Faucet

      Token listed on Coingecko
    • Closed

    FreeDogecoin is a platform where you are able to earn free Dogecoins every hour.
    You have the chance to dice every hour once - as higher you have diced is - as higher your rewards are.

    FreeDogecoin is a website which will give you a free amount of Dogecoins based on the number you roll in a "dice game".
    You can roll once every hour. Beside of that they have a "multiply DOGE" game - where you can increase your Dogecoins, if you are willing to bet them. They also offer a referral system, for which you will get a commission.

    - DOGEToken
    - Referral

    Step by step guide

    Scroll down and play the Dice Game. You are able to play it every hour once.
    Refer Users and earn 50% of their Dice Prize.
     If you don´t have a DOGE wallet, you can create one here.


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