FreeCity is a remarkable web 3.0 project that will revolutionize the metaverse. Built on the Polygon network, this Socialfi metaverse will allow players to create entire cities using their virtual 3D elements.

With the release of VS, the most awaited Metaverse project of the year, FreeCity will be available to users soon. VS is a collection of 5000 violent squirrels NFTs. It will be used as a dedicated identity proof for those wishing to enter Free City. With over 100 unique attributes, this NFT group is stored in Solana.

Apart from being a proud owner of this one-of-a-kind NFT, you will also gain exclusive benefits such as IP whitelisting, claim rights, FreeCity avatar effects, central position in the voice-chat room, and many other in-game benefits.

Airdrops by FreeCity