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    Free Bitcoin Faucet

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    FreeBitcoin is a platform where you are able to earn free Bitcoins every hour.
    You have the chance to dice every hour once - as higher you have diced is - as higher your rewards are. The highest amount you can win is 200$ worth of Bitcoins.

    FreeBitcoin is a website that will give you a free amount of Bitcoins based on the number you roll in their dice game.
    You can roll once every hour. Besides of that, they have a "multiply BTC" game - where you can increase your Bitcoins if you are willing to bet them. They also offer a referral system, for which you will get a commission.

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    Step by step guide

    Scroll down and play the dice game.  
    You can get Bitcoins worth between $0,02 and $200 for each dice.
    You are able to play the game once an hour.
    Refer users and earn 50% of their dice prize.
    If you want to receive the latest airdrops and updates, you can follow us on X, Telegram or Facebook.

    JamjamJamjam Pas trop intéressant
    04 Mar, 2024, 01:06
    mohamadmpvmohamadmpv You have to spend a lot of time to receive bitcoins, and in the competition that exists in the program, you lose and all your earnings are lost. It's not interesting at all, and in any case, you won't get anything and it's just a waste of your time
    24 Jun, 2023, 09:55
    M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]It is correct that it takes some time to accumulate a little something. However, it is not true that you lose all rewards or something like that. 1 click is not a big effort.
    anvar0608anvar0608 <p>Great website. For 3 years of almost daily visits, I recently brought out 30.000 Satoshi. This is most likely an ordinary crypto faucet but works fine.</p>
    17 Dec, 2022, 22:09
    Suleiman ObeidatSuleiman Obeidat <p>So I need to make a daily effort for 3 years to get ~7 dollars, this shit way, is not different than any other scammer.</p>
    RichieRichie [Admin]Hey Suleiman. Sorry to hear the offer didn't work out for you. It does take a little luck, that's true.
    Solynx Solynx Is this platform legit
    14 Nov, 2022, 19:58
    M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]Yes, we had no problems at all.
    mdbmdb Good project.
    24 Sep, 2022, 10:11
    ralphlauren244ralphlauren244 la puissance du BTC
    15 Apr, 2022, 02:00
    jahir179jahir179 good project
    08 Feb, 2022, 21:03
    linnbentonlinnbenton hi all, please share your trick & tip to get more BTC
    13 Aug, 2021, 09:49
    RichieRichie [Admin]Simply do it on a regular basis and invite friends to do so too! Good luck.
    Saber yazdaniSaber yazdani I like btc
    11 Jun, 2021, 06:07
    EnkiEnki This is VERY misleading.... Not a airdrop whatsoever.... They only posted this here in an attempt to get as many people as possible to use their ref link and get the, some free bitcoin. Even if this site is pretty decent for getting small amounts of free bitcoin overtime(and having a chance at getting like $200 if they are lucky AF and manage to land a 1/10,000 chance hit.(I've never once heard of anyone getting it that I've known or anyone I've known has known.) So, even if this is a pretty good site, I think it's kinda fked up to post it advertising it at an airdrop where people can get an ez $200, cuz that's just false. Just repost this or edit it so it's most clear and honest and I dont think anyone will have an issue with you guys posting a ref link to a site like this.
    10 Nov, 2020, 20:57
    FrostyzFrostyz [Admin]Hi Enki, thank you for your honest feedback. We have added the following sentence "You can get between $0.02 and $200 for each dice." This should clear up any ambiguities in advance.
    LordnaderiLordnaderi Hi, I had a question. When and how is this $ 200 paid?
    10 Nov, 2020, 13:26
    RichieRichie [Admin]The maximum amount you can win is $200. You can play the dice game once per hour. But you still have to be lucky.
    HannaHanna I did a lot of airdrops but did not receive a reward :( Where should I get the money?
    13 Oct, 2020, 07:38
    RichieRichie [Admin]Hey Hanna. You should see your balance on the upper right corner. For withdrawal, you need to add a bitcoin wallet and click withdraw.
    Olayemi Ariyo OmotoshoOlayemi Ariyo Omotosho Some one should pls teach me how this site work
    15 Mar, 2020, 13:03
    RichieRichie [Admin]How can we help you? Just follow the step by step guide above.
    Inmyhead23Inmyhead23 I dont like this web.
    17 Aug, 2019, 03:42
    RichieRichie [Admin]Why don't you like it? How can we help you?
    ??? ???????? ????? Hi. Good. Job
    03 Aug, 2019, 17:54