FreeBitcoin (BTC)

FreeBitcoin is a platform where you are able to earn free bitcoins every hour.
You have the chance to dice every hour once - as higher you have diced is - as higher your rewards are. The highest amount which you can win, is 200$ worth of bitcoins.

  • PlatformOTHER
  • CMC Rank#1
  • Total Supply21.000.000
  • Circ. Supply18.500.925
  • Market Cap$198.634.626.235
  • 24h Volume $16.823.126.837
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    Bitcoin Lottery

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    FreeBitcoin is a website which will give you a free amount of bitcoins based on the number you roll in a "dice game".
    You can roll once every hour. Beside of that they have a "multiply btc" game - where you can increase your bitcoins, if you are willing to bet them. They also offer a referral system, for which you will get a commission.

    0,0001 BTCToken
    - Referral
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    Step by step guide

    Scroll down and play the dice game. You are able to play it once an hour.
    Refer users and earn 50% of their dice prize.
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    Henryk Połap Cze?? dobra praca POLECAM
    18 Jun, 2020, 09:44
    Olayemi Ariyo Omotosho Some one should pls teach me how this site work
    15 Mar, 2020, 13:03
    Richie [Admin]How can we help you? Just follow the step by step guide above.
    Inmyhead23 I dont like this web.
    17 Aug, 2019, 03:42
    Richie [Admin]Why don't you like it? How can we help you?
    ??? ????? Hi. Good. Job
    03 Aug, 2019, 17:54