Swissborg (USD)

Powered by Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and our community’s Swarm Intelligence, our team of fintech experts and engineers are creating a holistic crypto wealth management ecosystem accessible to everyone.

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  • CMC Rank#4
  • Total Supply10.166.574.840
  • Circ. Supply11.331.589.930
  • Market Cap$11.320.836.251
  • 24h Volume $27.746.927.152
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The Swissborg airdrop is totally worth up to $500.000 paid in Bitcoin. You can earn a bigger part of the airdrop by predicting the bitcoin price, completing a lot of challenges and referring new friends to the application. As more users the challenge will join, as higher the price pool will be. 

1.750 USDToken
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Guide étape par étape

Download the Swissborg Community App
Register and verify your phone number.
Use the following referall code: "T5VP5AI" (+3.000 points if you use the referall code)
Download the Swissborg Wealth App and do KYC.
Game 1: Play & predict:
- Earn a share of the price pool by predictions on the Bitcoin price
- Refer friends to get more point (3.000 points per friend)
Game 2: Challenges:
- Complete challenges and get up to 50 CHSB token for every level up (up to 1.750 CHSB)
- Collect all level 3 badges and get 1.000 CHSB and join the Hall of Fame.
Detailed Information about the badges

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Mises à jour

Swissborg Wealth App available03 May, 2020


Mises à jour

Swissborg Wealth App available03 May, 2020
dzrussiandz i do not speack what mean KYC ?
22 Jun, 2020, 10:12
Richie [Admin]KYC stands for Know Your Customer. This means, that you have to verify yourself through an ID or passport.
Milda Adi Purnomo Koin bisa di tarik atau tidak
14 Jun, 2020, 08:05
Igor Sergeevich And where to do KYC
10 Jun, 2020, 08:08
Frostyz [Admin]You will need to do it in their Wealth App.
Sesgryui when will the withdrawal of coins be?
05 Jun, 2020, 20:11
Frostyz [Admin]We assume beginning of Q3/2020.
Dturkanovic Community app listed in Croatia Wealth app not listed in Croatia.
04 Jun, 2020, 21:58
Frostyz [Admin]

As far we know they are rolling out their Wealth App in slow steps to differnt countries. Dont worries, if your country was supported in the Community App - they will also add you for the Wealth App :) Just be patient.

Raymatex admin i try to register with swissborg i could not because i came from Nigeria, please notify me when my country is included to the programme.
04 Jun, 2020, 15:29
Frostyz [Admin]

Yes thats true - unfortunally they will not support Nigeria for this airdrop. You can see a list of supported countries here.

elklosso KYC needed in App. Please take it to the tasks
09 Apr, 2020, 10:54
Richie [Admin]Thanks for the information, we have updated this.
Nilwan Sir ,. Playing game is mandatory or optional??
31 Mar, 2020, 02:52
Richie [Admin]Yes. If you want to win, you will have to "play & predict".
kigrose I want payout
07 Mar, 2020, 11:13
T Dotme Slashclaimhere All participation will get $40,20 or just few?
27 Jan, 2020, 16:49
Richie [Admin]

No. Not necessarily. It is "up to 1.750 CHSB token". But every user gets the chance to earn those.

Nurul Amin Tonmoy When you click to the Android it goes to iTunes store? I don't know what's wrong.
15 Oct, 2019, 11:18
Frostyz [Admin]It was wrong linked. We updated it. Thanks!