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The Stellar Development Foundation [SDF] is airdropping 2 Billion Lumens splitting to all keybase users who fullfill the following requirements:
- You need to be an keybase, github  or HackerNews user before 09.09.2019 (you need to connect your accounts)
- You need to have  their application installed on 3 devices / create paper key.

The airdrop will last for 20 months - in every period 100 million lumens will be airdropped on the 15th of each month (starting Oct 15, 2019), SDF will give the next batch, divided equally among everyone. 
Those who join now will participate every month until the end. So people who join earlier will get more.

Guide étape par étape

  1. Download the Keybase Application and fulfill the following requirements:
    1. Install the  Keybase Application on 3 devices OR create paper key
    2. Have a keybase account which was created before the 9th September OR connect your github/Hackernews account which have to be created before the 09th September.
  2. Currently you will get 1.217 Lumens (XLM)
  3. You can find more information about the space drop here.
  4. Rejoignez le groupe Telegram d'AirdropBob & Suivez le canal AirdropBob's Twitter d'AirdropBob (optional)
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  • Guest
    16 Sep, 2019, 17:41

    Login or register here.
  • Userpic of Frostyz
    Frostyz [Admin]
    16 Sep, 2019, 16:17
    Hi VaQum, it should be ~60€ (1210*0.058). First Distribution will be on the 15th october.
  • Userpic of VaQum
    16 Sep, 2019, 15:06
    Hey! Are those 1217 XLM (~60€) or 1,217 XLM (~6 Cent) ? :)
  • Userpic of Frostyz
    Frostyz [Admin]
    16 Sep, 2019, 11:10
    Not to late to join. It will run for 20 months. Just download the Application and register for the space drop.
  • Userpic of smokindragon4202015
    16 Sep, 2019, 04:11
    Is it to late to join or no?... The description is kind of confusing
  • Userpic of Thur Gange
    Thur Gange
    13 Sep, 2019, 01:56
    How to join?