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BTC $3.961,37 -1.71% ETH $135,11 -1.57% EOS $3,65 -0.44% XLM $0,10184 -3.43% NEO $8,94 -2.2% WAVES $2,71 -1.37%
SOMESING is a platform for SingLovers. Anyone can enjoy the music that they like.The enhancement or recreation / remix of new or existing music pieces are rewarded fairly.The fair reward distribution is enabled by the Blockchain technology.
Prix ICO:0.01 USD

Valeur $8,00 Plateforme 800 SSX Référence 200 SSX Paiement 2019-05-30 Preuve 75%

ACTIF FACILE 19 jours restants

Somesing airdrops up to 800 SSX tokens (~$8,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks:

Guide étape par étape

  1. Chattez avec le télégraphe Somesing's Telegram Bot
  2. Rejoignez la chaîne télégraphique de Somesing. (+300)
  3. Suivez la page Twitter de Somesing (+200)
  4. Comme le compte Facebook de Somesing (+200)
  5. Submit your details to the Bot.
    (If you don´t have an ICON wallet, you can get one here)
  6. Complete all tasks above and get a bonus of 100 SSX tokens.
  7. Rejoignez le groupe Telegram d'AirdropBob (optional)
  8. Suivez le canal AirdropBob's Twitter d'AirdropBob (optional)

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