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BTC $3.950,17 -2.0% ETH $134,56 -2.04% EOS $3,65 -0.53% XLM $0,10184 -3.39% NEO $8,88 -2.68% WAVES $2,70 -1.84%
The idea for PrepayWay was born in Switzerland, where computer science, banking, international business, and legal professionals came together to revolutionize business processes. Coming from a plethora of professional backgrounds, our diversely experienced team is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that facilitates secure, swift, transparent commercial transactions, all while reducing transaction costs.
Prix ICO:0.01 USD

Valeur $16,11 Plateforme 1611 InBit Référence 100 InBit Preuve 100% REAL!

ACTIF MOYEN 34 jours restants

PrepayWay donne 1611 InBit jetons (~$16,11) aux participants en résolvant ces tâches simples :

Guide étape par étape

  1. Register on PrepayWay's Website (+1)
  2. Verfiy your E-Mail. (+10)
  3. Suivez la page Twitter de PrepayWay (+200)
  4. Rejoignez la page Linkedin de PrepayWay (+200)
  5. Comme le compte Facebook de PrepayWay (+200)
  6. Rejoignez la chaîne télégraphique de PrepayWay. (+100)
  7. Rejoignez la chaîne d'annonces par télégramme de PrepayWay (+100)
  8. Answer 4 questions on their plattform (+200 for each question)

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