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BTC $3.751,35 2.82% ETH $138,03 10.4% EOS $2,94 3.46% XLM $0,08060 2.65% NEO $8,45 -1.87% WAVES $2,66 1.25%
Instead of building a standalone network, Ferrum Network leverages the values of existing blockchains and connects them to a high-speed transaction layer that enables peer-to-peer transactions of any digital asset.

Like the Lightning Network for every blockchain, Ferrum's revolutionary technology brings networks together, for a consistently high-speed, low-cost transaction experience for every digital asset, whether BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, Zcash, and so forth. It even works with fiat currencies. Laser-focused on user-acquisition and global adoption, Ferrum Network has built a vertically integrated line of financial applications on top of the network, allowing users to buy, exchange, transact, and store any digital asset with no counter-party risk.
Prix ICO:0.0168 USD

Valeur $3,36 Jeton 200 FRM Référence FRM Paiement 2019-05-20 Preuve 75%

ACTIF FACILE 21 jours restants

Ferrum Network airdrops up to 200 FRM tokens (~$3,36) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks:
You can decide if you want to complete Tier1 (100 FRM), Tier2 (150 FRM) or Tier 3 (200 FRM).

Guide étape par étape

  1. Tier1:
  2. Ouvrir le formulaireAirdrop de Ferrum Network
  3. Suivez la page Twitter de Ferrum Network (50 real twitter followers required)
  4. Rejoignez la chaîne télégraphique de Ferrum Network.
  5. Make a screenshot which proves you are following their social media channels.
  6. Download their UniFyre Wallet. If the app is not available in your jurisdiction, they will send you the tokens to your ERC-20 address.
  7. Tier2 and Tier3:
  8. Do additional tasks -> Details here
  9. Rejoignez le groupe Telegram d'AirdropBob (optional)
  10. Suivez le canal AirdropBob's Twitter d'AirdropBob (optional)