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Difference between Bitpanda and Bitpanda PRO:
Bitpanda is an easy-to-use, newbie-friendly broker service for buying and selling digital assets. Bitpanda Pro is an exchange for professionals and businesses where they can trade and connect trading bots to our API.

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Battle of the Bots


The heat is on!
Don’t miss the final Bitpanda Pro trading competition this summer as traders are about to face their greatest challenge yet.
Cyber August trading competition is about to start and you can register from the 17th of August, 3:00 pm CET.
This summer’s great battle between machines and human traders on our exchange is bound to be epic!

Individual Prizes:
(Based on the highest ROI (Return on Investment) generated on trades by individual traders at the end of competition)
(payout to Bitpanda Pro EUR wallet)
1st - €6.000
2nd - €4.000
3rd - €2.000

Team Prize:
Based on the highest ROI generated on trades by either Team Human or Team Cyber across all Bitpanda Pro markets at the end of the competition, the 10 traders on the winning team with the highest scores will win €240 each (payout to Bitpanda Pro EUR wallet).

14.400 €Allocated Tokens
- Référencement System
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Guide étape par étape

Register on Bitpanda PRO's Website
(If you already have a Bitpanda account, you can skip this step. You only need one account for all Bitpanda products.)
Fully verify you account (how to verify?)
Head over to Bitpanda Pro to register for the trading competition via a pop-up.
(You can pre-register now to start competing on the 24th of August at 12:00 noon.)
Select a randomly-generated alias name directly on Bitpanda Pro.
Select which team you would like to compete in - Team Human or Team Cyber (Note: You cannot switch teams once you have decided which team you want to compete in).
- Participants who sign up for Team Human during Cyber August can only trade via web and/or mobile. 
- Participants who sign up for Team Cyber can only trade via API.
Trade on any market between the 24th of August, 12:00 noon CET and the 7th of September, 12:00 noon CET.
(All trades on any market on Bitpanda Pro will be taken into account.)
Make sure your initial minimum account value is at least €10, held in either fiat or crypto.
You’re required to perform a minimum of 10 trades with a minimum of €50 during the entire competition.
Official announcement can be found here.
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