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Forcefi is an open and decentralized platform that facilitates token launches. On this platform, projects link up with experts and influential figures, termed "curators", to form a team dedicated to product development and growth strategies.

Forcefi is giving away a total amount of 5.000.000 FORC tokens during their airdrop promo.

TIER1: The top 10% of participants share 2.500.000 FORC tokens.
TIER2: Next up to 50% of participants share 1.500.000 FORC tokens.
TIER3: The rest share 1.000.000 FORC tokens.

5.000.000 FORCAllocated Token
YesReferral System

Step by step guide

Visit Forcefi's Airdrop Page and connect your wallet
Complete different tasks and claim points
Check frequently, as there will be new tasks each week
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