Flare Networks (SPARK)
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Flare Networks Price (SPARK)
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The Flare Networks x Ripple airdrop is unfortunately over.
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Flare Networks x Ripple

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The Flare Network is a distributed network whereby nodes run the Avalanche consensus protocol with a key adaptation to a FBA consensus topology. The Flare Network leverages the EVM, enabling the network to run Turing complete smart contracts. The combined usage of the FBA consensus topology with a Turing complete smart contract layer makes Flare a scalable public smart contract network that does not require a native token for safety.

Flare Network has started a holder airdrop where every XRP holder gets SPARK tokens. For every XRP token, you get one SPARK token.

for XRPHolder
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Binance and Crypto.com supports SPARK Airdrop25 Nov, 2020

Step by step guide

You need to hold XRP token on the 12th December 2020, 00:00 GMT. To claim Spark you must do this by 6 months of the snapshot date.
Create an Ethereum-compatible address for which you generated from a private key, mnemonic (12, 16, or 24 words), or hardware wallet you own and have access to.
Take your Ethereum-compatible address of the form:
remove 0x from the front and upper-case the remaining characters to produce a character set of the form:
Append 02 + 24 zeros to the uppercased character set to produce: 
Set this value as the message key on your XRPL account.
For XUMM wallet holders and Ledger Nano holders of XRP, you can prepare your account seamlessly today using a tool developed by Wietse Wind, founder of XRPL Labs, at https://flare.wietse.com.
To avoid the above tasks, you can also keep your XRP tokens on an exchange that supports this airdrop, but remember: not your keys, not your coins.
Currently, we know that the following exchanges support the airdrop: Binance, Crypto.com, Uphold, Poloniex, NDAX, bitrue, GateHub, AnchorU$D, btcmarkets, CoinSpot, Bitbns, Gopax.
A more detailed guide and all open questions should be answered on this Spark FAQ page.
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Binance and Crypto.com supports SPARK Airdrop25 Nov, 2020

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