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BTC $8.810,55 0.78% ETH $188,08 1.48% EOS $3,46 -0.41% NEO $12,95 5.09%
FESS is Mainstream Technology where Speed combines with Security not only theoretically but in practical means. Most of the projects running at present either claim to deliver speed or safety. None of them has sincerely found a solution for scalability where people can easily transact with supersonic speed or can run a DApp with the full potential. FESS dares to not only Work on this issue but also solve it.
Total Supply:
ICO Price:0.1 USD

Value $5,50 Token 55 FESS Referral 16 FESS Proof 75%


Fesschain airdrops up to 55 FESS tokens (~$5,50) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral programm where you can earn additional FESS for each user you refer.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit Fesschain's Airdrop Page
  2. Join Fesschain's Telegram Group (+7)
  3. Follow Fesschain's Twitter Page (+5)
  4. Retweet the pinned tweet including a comment. (+5)
  5. Follow Fesschain CEO on Twitter (+6)
  6. Follow Fesschain COO on Twitter (+2)
  7. Follow Fesschain CMO on Twitter (+2)
  8. Like Fesschain's Facebook Account (+7)
  9. Follow Fesschain's Linkedin Page (+6)
  10. Like Fesschain's Medium Page (+5)
  11. Subscribe to the Fesschain's YouTube Channel (+5)
  12. Like Fesschain's Instagram Account (+5)
  13. Submit your ETH address from one of the following exchanges: Exmarkets, VinDAX or Bitoinus
  14. Submit your details in the airdrop form.
  15. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)
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    13 Nov, 2019, 18:26

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