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The airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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  Token listed on Coingecko
  • Paid out was founded in mid-2019 as the first project to show Ethereum users how much they have spent in fees on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To celebrate the token launch of $WTF, airdrops 1.716.000.000 $WTF to the ethereum community based on their paid gas fee on the ethereum network before the snapshot date, block #13916450 (01.01.2022 01:00:09 UTC). You had to spend a least 0.05 ETH in gas fees to be eligible, approximately 5.6 Million Wallets are eligible for this airdrop. Claiming the airdrop will give you, besides the $WTF token, an official 'rekt' NFT. Your airdropped token can be used to either be staked on the platform, burned to mint a Pro Pass, or burned to upgrade your referral link.

Please note: Since you should always be careful when connecting to an app or site, you should read our blog article on the subject.

1.716.000.000 WTFAllocated Token
YesReferral System

Step by step guide

Go to the claim page
You will be required to do two transactions, probably costing you ~$150 of ETH in gas. So please consider this before you claim the airdrop if it is worth it for you!
To claim the airdrop, you need to pay a fee of 0.01 ETH in addition to your expected transaction costs.
Connect your wallet 
To be eligible to claim the airdrop, you had to spend at least 0.05 ETH in gas fees before 01.01.2022 01:00:00 UTC.
You can now click on unlock and confirm the transaction if you are eligible. 
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jahir179jahir179 good project
08 Feb, 2022, 20:50
abdaljabar noorgolipourabdaljabar noorgolipour hi man im from iran and very good
19 Jan, 2022, 19:20