The FanPad airdrop is unfortunately over.
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FanPad Promo

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FanPad's vision is clear and simple: To become the top Launchpad on Fantom ecosystem, bringing the best service to the community, helping projects effectively raise funds.

FanPad, a new generation fundraising platform on Fantom, is holding it's 1st airdrop campaign to show their love to the Fantom community.
During this campaign, FanPad is giving away a total pool of 200.000 FAP tokens to 1.000 lucky participants. (100 FAP tokens each)
The top 100 referrers will receive 1.000 FAP tokens each.

200.000 FAPAllocated Token


FanPad (FAP) Update22 Feb, 2022

Step by step guide

Register with your details.
Follow FanPad's Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet.
Submit your Fantom-Metamask wallet address and details to the airdrop page.



FanPad (FAP) Update22 Feb, 2022
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onsventure17onsventure17 It's great!
14 Feb, 2022, 18:56
jahir179jahir179 good project
08 Feb, 2022, 21:30
reginah waitherareginah waithera how can i start
08 Feb, 2022, 12:49
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