EtherMail Airdrop

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EtherMail sets the benchmark for confidential and secure communication between wallets, as the pioneering Web 3.0 email solution.

It promotes a harmonious relationship between users and companies based on the principles of anonymity, fair compensation, and free communication. With EtherMail, users are rewarded in accordance with their significance to advertisers, and they can communicate freely with one another.

EtherMail is airdropping 200 EMC tokens to participants for completing listed tasks.
Earn an additional 250 EMC tokens for each referral.

Please note:
As soon as the EMT token is launched, the rewards in EMC will be exchanged for EMT tokens, and the conversion rate between EMC and $EMT will be determined at that point.

200 EMTToken
250 EMTReferral

Step by step guide

Register on EtherMail's Website with connecting your Metamask wallet
Provide a secondary mail address and get your Encryption Keys
You'll receive 200 EMC tokens
Invite your friends and earn an additional 250 EMC tokens
You can find your referral link in your inbox or by clicking on "EMC" at the top right
The announcement can be found here
If you want to receive the latest airdrops and updates, you can follow us on X, Telegram or Facebook.

rebel72rebel72 <p>"Do tasks inside emails and earn more". Unfortunately, some tasks need gas on the Ethereum network and this is too much because of high commissions. One task needs gas around $72 -&nbsp; holy shit! $72 gas to get some cents.</p>
17 May, 2023, 15:11
RichieRichie [Admin]You are right. The gas fees are currently incredible, thanks to PEPE and other Ethereum tokens. We hope it will get cheaper soon.