The eesee airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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eesee Airdrop

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eesee goes beyond the typical NFT trading platform, offering users the opportunity to harness the strength of a community to generate substantial returns within the exclusive world of high-end collectibles.

Through their gamified trading system, both sellers and buyers can capitalize on the network effect, resulting in success for all participants.

Eesee has successfully attracted $2.85 million in investment from prominent sources like SevenX Ventures and Maven Capital. Presently, they are conducting a testnet campaign that rewards users for completing uncomplicated testnet challenges, granting them the opportunity to share a minimum of $200.000 worth of ESE tokens. The size of the prize pool increases with the number of participants, and you can accumulate extra points by referring your acquaintances.

- ESEAllocated Token
YesReferral System


eesee (ESE) Update26 Apr, 2024

Step by step guide

Visit eesee's Airdrop Page, connect your wallet, and change the network to Goerli
We recommend using Metamask
Enter the code: ESE-762G-XNG8
Click on "Add funds", and complete the simple tasks to get your testnet tokens
Click on "Challenges" and complete different tasks to earn points
Get additional points for each referral



eesee (ESE) Update26 Apr, 2024
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