EARNM is revolutionizing the smartphone into the EarnPhone, offering effortless earning opportunities while you stream music or trade crypto. With EARNM tokens, earning while using your phone is simplified.

The versatility and seamless interoperability of the EarnM Ecosystem go beyond conventional Web3 applications, empowering physical devices globally.

Through the proprietary 'Fractal Box' protocol, EARNM facilitates an automated vesting and distribution mechanism, encouraging users to hold for a 12-month period. In the event of Mystery Boxes being prematurely opened, their contents are automatically dispersed throughout the ecosystem, benefiting all participants.

Development of a thriving launch community of 45 million lifetime questers, supported by 2M+ 5-star reviews and over $250M earned and saved.
– 500.000+ $EARNM Mystery Boxes Minted during Earn’M Public Alpha Launch (Jan 2024) – Saw a 32,481% revenue growth rate, establishing the team behind Earn’M (Mode Mobile) as Deloitte’s Fast 500 #1 Fastest Growing Software Company in North America for 2023, surpassing industry juggernauts like DapperLabs. – $40M+ raised from visionary early backers since 2017, driving continuous research, innovation, and the expansion of EarnPhones as a category.

Airdrops by EARNM