Dyor Exchange
The Dyor Exchange airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
Did you miss this opportunity? No problem, there are many more airdrops on our platform.

Dyor Exchange Airdrop

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Dyor is a platform that supports community-based investing, allowing individuals to take advantage of the possibilities provided by Web 3.0.

Dyor’s mobile app is nearly ready for beta testing.
Get early access & a chance to earn rewards from a bounty pool of $30.000 worth of DYOR tokens.

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Step by step guide

Visit Dyor Exchange's Airdrop Page
Click on "Get Early Access" and register with your email address
Invite your friends to get a better ranking
Keep an eye out for the upcoming Beta Testing, as you can participate and receive rewards from a bounty pool valued at $30.000 worth of DYOR tokens
If you want to receive the latest airdrops and updates, you can follow us on X, Telegram or Facebook.

atukiengiangatukiengiang <p>Cool project!</p>
13 May, 2023, 17:08
AbdulazeezAbdulazeez Good project
04 May, 2023, 22:40