Dymension innovates in the crypto space by standardizing rollups through the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), similar to ERC's impact on tokens. Its RollApps blend the rollup business model with high speed and scalability, promoting an interconnected rollup network.

RollApps are streamlined blockchains secured by the Dymension Hub and Data Availability networks, eliminating the need for costly validators.

Key Features:
- Security: IBC ensures secure cross-chain communication. RollApps connect to the IBC economy via the Dymension Hub, offering enhanced security compared to traditional Ethereum multi-sig bridges.
- Liquidity: The Hub's embedded liquidity layer facilitates asset trading and token accessibility, easing user transition to RollApps.
- Data and Scalability: RollApps use external blockchains for data publishing, choosing the best fit based on cost and technology, fostering a competitive data market necessary for scaling.
- User Experience: Dymension streamlines crypto transactions to deposit, play, and withdraw, with a user-friendly interface for easy RollApp integration and transactions across the crypto ecosystem.