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BTC $8.327,27 -0.25% ETH $182,43 0.63% EOS $3,13 1.06% NEO $7,38 1.03%
DOS Network is a chain-agnostic layer 2 decentralized oracle network that offers realtime data feeds and verifiable computation power to mainstream blockchains. It connects on-chain smart contracts and Ðapps with off-chain data sources and unlimited computation power, enabling smart contracts with more real world use cases.
Total Supply:
ICO Price:0.040 USD
× DOS Network has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $4,80 Token 120 DOS Referral 2 DOS Proof 75%


DOS Network airdrops 120 DOS tokens (~$4,80) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral programm where you can earn additional DOS for each user you refer.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Sign up on Bitmax  
  2. Visit DOS Network's Airdrop Page
  3. You need to provide your ERC20 Dos Wallet from Bitmax - therefore you also have to activate Google Authenticator on the plattform.
  4. Complete several tasks and get up to 52 entries, which would mean 120 DOS tokens for you.
  5. For every referall you will get 2 DOS tokens.
  6. You need at least 50 DOS tokens to be eligible for the airdrop.
  7. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)

More Information about the Airdrop.

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    14 Oct, 2019, 01:56

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