The Dmail Network is a sophisticated decentralized communication platform with AI enhancements. Its purpose is to provide encrypted email services, unified notification systems, and customized marketing solutions.

It effortlessly extends across various blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps), addressing the requirements of individuals, developers, marketers, and influencers within the Web3 environment.

The Dmail Messaging Protocol, a specialized communication system created by the Dmail team, is firmly rooted in the Web3 identity framework. Presently, it has been integrated with 18 diverse networks, including Web2, facilitating secure communication between applications and smart contracts via emails and notifications. This protocol plays a vital role in closing the communication divide within the Web3 infrastructure.

By harnessing the Dmail Network's capacity to manage various Web3 identities, such as DIDs, NFT Domains, Wallet addresses, and Email addresses, the Dmail Messaging Protocol enables effortless communication across smart contracts, dApps, and applications using emails and messages.

Airdrops by Dmail Network