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Diagon is an upcoming decentralized eSports ecosystem that will enable people from all around the globe to test their expertise and contest in 1v1 and group versus group matches for prominent online-based games, such as Destiny 2, League of Legends, Apex Legend, Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Fortnite.

Diagon is building an eco-system on the Ethereum block chain that will run through Africa, Asia, American, Europe and Australia, thus creating an enabling environment for eSports to be embraced and Diagon’s innovations will allow skill-based competition to take place independent of middlemen, such as financial institutions or casinos. The cryptocurrency Ethereum allows for the creation of smart contracts that run business logic autonomously in the Ethereum blockchain. These smart contracts can be used for fast, secure and reliable processing of results and rewards from competitive eSports matchplays. Unlike existing platforms (which are both skill and game of chance based), all of Diagon’s transactions will be publicly verifiable, viewable, resistant to counterfeit, and not subject to the risk of institutional processing.

Diagon would raise the bar and push open boundaries as each of her milestones are achieved, bringing in more innovation, opening up jurisdictions and enabling frictionless transactions.

Diagon aims to be the preferred global platform for skill-based eSports competitors, viewers and to play an essential part in shaping the future of blockchain based projects.

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